Adrian "Tricky" Thaws is not a name that needs much background or explanation; his reputation proceeds him as being one of the trip-hop originators, alongside Portishead and Massive Attack. Tricky's new album, Adrian Thaws, comes hot-on-the-heels of last year's False Idols, and we've already had previews of "Nicotine Love"—a track he proudly professes is his first house tune—and the sinister brooding of "Lonnie Liston".

The third track off the mark is "Sun Down" featuring left-of-centre pop chanteuse, Tirzah—who was reportedly introduced to Thaws by his daughter (who also appears as Silver Tongue on the closing track of the album, ''When You Go"). While Thaws prides himself on never producing two albums within the same style or genre, the one common factor is that of alienation and exhaustion.

As you might expect, "Sun Down" distills this feeling into a brooding dirge that evokes the very best of eighties industrial and ebm, while lamenting the twilight moments of a relationship that neither party quite wants to end. Adrian Thaws comes out on September 8 through !K7/False Idol. Stay tuned for our interview with the legend in coming days.

[via FACT]