West Coast's Tiger Fresh is set to drop his Namsayn EP next week on MalLabel Music, an amazing seven-track effort features remixes from Bedrokk, BoeBoe, Chrome Wolves, and and Sleepyhead. The features alone are insane, but the three originals on this release are just as impressive as the remixes, and this entire release truly knocks. Namsayn truly is all over the place, as it satisfies fans of deep house, twerk, dub, and trap all in one package, but bass music fans will find solitude in that signature 808 sound that permeates the entire EP. We've been blessed with an early downloadable peek at one of the singles off of this release, "Slang Regression," a nutty trap tune with club breaks and transitions built to fuck with your anticipation. If you're digging it, feel free to click through on SoundCloud for the free download, or hit the purchase link below to pre-order the full release from MalLabel. Trust us when we say it's worth the investment.