I wish it was every day I had something this sick hit my inbox. Sure we get high quality content fairly on the reg as we really try to push that envelope here at DAD. Sometimes you get hit though with something so well done, it throws you off a bit and you end up listening to it on repeat...just to fully wrap your head around it. This new official remix from AWE of Subscape's new "I Would Have Loved You" has officially made my jaw hit the floor. It literally sounds as close to Rustie collaborating with Burial as anything I've ever heard (or we may ever get for that matter). Maybe that's an exaggeration on some levels, since both of those two are arguably gawds on this electronic music landscape. But the impulse is absolutely in this tune whether AWE was shooting for it or not. And it's pretty freaking breathtaking to take it all in. Subscape's new single is out September 8 via Dub Police.