You would think living in an era of Spotify, personal iTunes libraries, and an overall tendency to focus on nothing but ourselves would protect us from hearing the songs and artists we don't like. But some encounters are inevitable. The song will pop up on the radio, or at a party, or even on your Twitter feed, leaving you no option but to sit through four minutes of agony that could have been spent on something more productive. You know, like listening to music that we actually enjoy.

Summer '14 has provided several of these moments for our music staff at Complex. Whether it's a lackluster Lil Wayne collaboration with Drake, a record from T.I. that's soaked in irony, or another single from DJ Khaled, these songs bring out the worst in us, and the only professional thing we can do is hang them out to dry. Here are the 10 Songs We Hated This SummerFall can't come any sooner.