2014 marks the ascent of Fekky into the upper-echelon of UK rap, and with the release of his introspective new track "Let It Go" hot-on-the-heels of recent banger, "Still Sittin' Here"—it's become more apparent why. "Still Sittin' Here", the single's A-side which drops Aug. 25, is a heavy nod towards Dizzee Rascal's Boy In Da Corner album opener of a similar name and comes complete with a rare feature from the grime legend himself. It's 100 percent turn up music, which is typical of this south London rapper.

On "Let It Go", however, there's a shift in Fekky's usual styling as he brings more structure to his brand of hype and bravado. It's more of a concerted lyrical effort, meaning there's no place for the boisterous ad-libs for which he's almost become synonymous with (see: "Bang" and "Ring Ring Trap"). The Island Records spitter told Complex: "They [ad-libs] were starting to feel a bit gimmicky. I'm making a transition into music full-time and, for some reason—mentally—I'm more about writing songs now, rather than just turn up tracks."

Fekky promises a debut album in El Clasico, later this year. But for now, witness his evolution below.