With Porter Robinson's highly-anticipated worlds album set to drop on Tuesday, August 12, it was about high time he dropped some word on the new worlds tour, which kicks off its North American leg in Vancouver on August 28. When I spoke with him for Complex back in May, it was probably too early for him to drop gems on what he has in store, but in a recent article on Stereogum, he's opened up about what you can expect from this tour, and it's definitely intriguing:

"32-foot screens, 96 lighting fixtures, 480 streamer tubes, 1,600 pounds of confetti, and 15 50-pound tanks of CO2, designed in collaboration with music technologist and artist Laura Escudé aka Alluxe (Kanye, Jay Z, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Drake) and controlled by Robinson with Ableton Live and interactive MIDI controllers."

When I interviewed Porter for the video we're dropping next week, he'd mentioned how he wanted to create a real space—or world—for people to inhabit. How it'll all be pulled off (and still incorporate the themes and sounds from worlds) will have to be experienced, but this really feels like it'll be next level. You can tell that some of the influences surrounding the promo push for worlds are incorporated in the image up above, which is said to be a sample of what fans can expect during the live show.

And while you can still pre-order the sick deluxe edition of worlds, we are giving away a copy.