Paolo Nutini's latest album, Caustic Love, has been widely celebrated and stands in good stead to be at the top of a lot of pundits' end-of-year lists. Equally, Hudson Mohawke has long been at the head of the current wave of trap and heavy bass music. And now, the two have united on one pretty epic track. 

Often, when a big producer and a big singer come together on a remix, one or the other comes to the forefront: either the producer's own flair and style dominates, or the original artist is simply backed up by the new features brought in by the remixer in question.

In the case of "Iron Sky" though, HudMo allows both elements to sit alongside each other. Paolo Nuitini's tortured and melodramatic vocals are left to their own devices within an entirely new context and a breaksy, glitch-ridden hip-hop sensibility is incorporated to support the soaring vocals in a way that works with, rather than against, the original elements. Listen below.

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