In June, Los Angeles-based artist Marz Leon dropped her debut single, “L O N E R,” via our friends at Pigeons & Planes. She sang and co-produced on the track with Mike Dez, and has followed up with the Life-and-Times debut of its accompanying video. Her soulful vocals add a strength to the ethereal​ production she gravitates towards, which solidifes her as an artist very much in her own lane. 

Today, we're excited to premiere her latest EP, a seven-track project that goes deep into her emotions, and experiences in life—so much so, that we had her break down every track below:

"EXHALE" - Exhale was a moment for me where I got lost thinking about times when a past lover a strong impact on my life. "I got your foot steps embedded.... In my soul"

"L O N E R" - We all want to be loved, cared for, treated right by a significant other in our lives. But sometimes as hard as we try to please others we may love or care deeply for, we could still be let down. I wanted to inspire others to love, but also to love yourself more. Self happiness & comfort of being alone.

"TOUCH" - Falling in love for the first time. "Walking in the light, I find you there... A stranger to my eyes, nothing compares." 

"WAVEZ" - We put up guards, we are afraid to trust fully. That special someone could rip every vein from your heart and break you down the most. "Numb and bruised on the inside... From your tainted love". 

"FIRE" - Admitting the truth can be hard for most of us when we are afraid of the idea of starting a new process all over again with someone new. We play with fire even when we know what the outcome is. "When I think you do so right, You're so wrong. You speak words of I love you, But you fuck like you hate me.... So come and take me."

"MIDNIGHT" - Midnight is how someone could get so lost in a bottle instead of realizing how much it affects and damages the loved ones around them. You get stuck in someone else's world of hate, anger, and pain. "Why do you roam the streets at night, Why do you always bring the fight, when you can't even hold your own."

"KING" -  That moment in time when it is finally time to let go of someone you have loved so much in your life, to free yourself from all the pain and sorrow they have caused you. To do what's right for you, no matter how painful. "You stabbed me twice in my heart, I let you die alone Long Live The King."