In Munster, Indiana last night, the TEKLIFE fam held a special DJ Rashad Memorial show. With "let's take TEKLIFE to the next life" as it's calling, it was set to be both a commemoration and celebration of Rashad's life and art. One thing we're not sure people were expecting was an appearance from Lil Chad, DJ Rashad's son. This might be what most people don't realize: when the TEKLIFE family is adamant about setting up memorials through them, and not dragging Rashad's name through the mud, it's because of Rashad's family, especially Lil Chad. As you can see in the picture below, Ashes57 snapped a photo of Lil Chad following in his father's footsteps. Who knows how into the footwork/tracks scene Chad is, but it's a beautiful thing to see.

Up above is a picture Traxman shared of himself, Lil Chad, and DJ Chi Boogie throwing their Ls up. And as an FYI, Ashes57 is selling a new TEKLIFE t-shirt (in black and white), with all profits going to Lil Chad.