Killer Mike appeared on CNN today to offer some of his thoughts and opinions on the tragic death of Mike Brown and the ongoing situation in Ferguson, Missouri. Mike talked about his father, who was a police officer, and how he believes the culture of police has changed and become more militarized and using military tactics in communities.

"We have essentially gone from being communities that were policed by people from the communities, to being communities that are policed by strangers, and that's no longer a community, that's an area that's under siege."

He then spoke in agreement on recent comments Spike Lee made about the treatment of black males in America, and built on them through his own personal perspective and experiences. He says he encourages local police officers to come through the barbershop he owns in Atlanta on a regular basis so that the youth can learn not to be afraid of cops and interact with them on a social level. Plus he added that if officer who killed Mike Brown isn't eventually charged and arrested, he will be scared for all Americans moving forward.