I have to say, I've been utterly disappointed in the lack of proper remixes coming out for these undeniable pop cuts out there. Jason Derulo, Rave God bless him, is one of those pop enigmas that I just don't get. My son will turn eight-years-old, and earlier this morning I said something about "wiggle wiggle wiggle," and he starts going in about "you know what to do with that.." It's insane, especially since I don't know anyone who actually knows lyrics to Derulo tracks. I digress, though.

TWRK is cut from a cloth that knows how to properly distill pop music into a dance music zone, and it's something we need more of. In this realm of "oh noez, SoundCloud copyrights!" and whatnot, how ELSE will labels like Warner Brothers know to scoop up producers like TWRK to provide club-rocking reworks of their hit singles? Weird world we're living in, and while I wait for something to give, I'll just make sure you guys know what tunes you need to be playing to make her... wait for it... wiggle wiggle wiggle.

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