One of the leading lights of D&B, High Contrast has returned with a driving remix of Jacob Banks' soulful "Move With You" single. It must be a challenge for producers to work with such impressive source material when there's so much to enjoy. From classic soul vocals to perfectly applied brass and string sections, how do you add to the original without losing what makes it so great? Having said that, there is no one more suited to this challenge than High Contrast. His unique understanding of how genres can complement one another, as well as a strong current of soul and jazz running through his music, makes him the perfect choice. 

Here, we hear the Welsh producer let the strongest elements speak for themselves, accentuating the power of the vocals and distilling the brass and strings into their purest forms. Backing this up with a driving, but not overpowering, rhythm section of breaks and mid-range rumbles, Banks' original takes on a party-starting vibe with a vocal refrain to raise the hairs on the back of your neck. If the weather man is correct and we're due an "Indian summer" this September, then this could prove to be our new summer anthem.

"Move With You" is out on September 14.