As an avid follower of Do Androids Dance over the past couple years, a recent article of theirs hit my Twitter feed, “In America, country music is better than EDM.” Reading the article my immediate feelings were admittedly pretentious and skeptical. After a lengthy exchange between DAD and myself on Twitter, it seemed obvious that our ideas about the parallels between country and EDM were focused on very different ideals. Recognizing the harsh realities of self-expression in 140 characters or less, I did what any American would do when trying to prove a point; I offered DAD a wager. If I wrote a great article about the unrealistic “apples to oranges” debate between country and EDM they would publish it. If the article fell short, I would share every single DAD article for a month, on both my personal Facebook and Twitter pages. Like true statesmen, DAD was not only gracious enough to respond, but also kind enough to accept my offer.