For a generation of London’s inner-city youth raised on grime and Giggs in place of garage and Gabrielle, "hood house" is one term that's been thrown around to describe the last few years of UK underground house’s new-found dark side. The tech and minimal aspects are easy enough to categorise, but the deepness could only come from one place, and with all respect to Chicago, Detroit and Berlin—they ain’t it. This is a sound, a heavy-on-bass one, that has been progressively gripping club-goers up and down the UK, which many believe was kick-started by Jamie Jones' remix of Azari & III's "Hungry For The Power".

After UK funky’s untimely demise in 2010, soulful house was one of the dominant sounds among young urbanites. For some, however, it was a little too soulful and soon enough, a Deep/Minimal/Tech music policy began appearing on flyers. Few would’ve predicted the game-changing effect it would eventually have on underground clubland though; despite ongoing snobbery from the older house crowd ("they're gonna spoil house like they did UK garage"), this scene couldn't be in a stronger state. Complex UK recently went in search of the main producers and DJs helping to spread this fast-growing, shuffle-loving movement across the land—​all of whom have proven they have what it takes to step into the big room arena. Get to know all 15 of them after the jump, in our latest music guide.

Words by Sean Piffen (@SeanPiffen)