The end of summer is like a comedown. You’ve just enjoyed the rush of a summer heat, summer flings, and long starry nights.  Fall is coming and sweater weather is great, but that means we’re one step closer to a brutal winter.  It’s only right that at this point, as we head into the final summer weekend, that it's time to turn down a bit to get that one last charge up.  For that, Sun Glitters’ new remix of Ennui’s single “Circles” is the perfect soundtrack.

The track isn’t just some deep future cut typified by some trending cliches such as warped '90s R&B or triplet hi-hats, but rather an electronic indie pop sensibility that draws you in with an ethereal intimacy.  The broken beats underpin the chill wave almost post-rock styled atmosphere as the Moby-esque sampling and vocal warping style elucidates the mood even more.  The track is only available for stream at the moment, but you can grab it along with Ennui’s full album Telepathic Beat when it drops via Mush Records on September 23.  Favorite this one and come back to it when you’re chilling out and get the fullness of this with a quality set of speakers.