Killa Season never stops, but we already tried to tell you that. Cam'ron is back at it today with the debut of his video for "Let the Show Begin" featuring the stunning vocals of Estelle and an intro from Couzin Bang that will get you fired up. In the video directed by Cam and K. Spence, Cam finds himself in the middle of a party while he calmly delivers his classic flow over the beat, which features a mean soulful sample of J.J. Jackson's song of the same name.

Cam's rhymes are next level on this single, as he effortlessly spits off lines like, "Ain't no need in being hostile, got that white girl, she no model but she'll open up your nostrils, the shit I'm doing is colossal, man you 40 and you bitchin' man, what you selling fossils?" "Let the Show Begin" will make it's way onto the third volume of Cam's First of the Month series, which will be dropping in September.