I got to kick it with DAD favorite Buku back in June when he was in Kansas City (my former home town) to open up a show at the wonderful open air venue that is Crossroads KC. We managed to kick it for several hours before and after his set and know that there was copious amounts of beer and BBQ consumed. We covered a number of topics during that time and I managed to pull out some tasty details about some future projects as well. While he didn't share all those tidbits while on camera (unfortunately), we did manage to put together a nice little edition of #bassmusiclife during our journey towards what ended up being a rather ultimate turnup.

This kid is downright super fun loving and an absolute beast on the stage. After his blistering set, we linked up for a chat about festivals, his growing affinity for house and techno and the overall hustle of being an artist on the current EDM landscape. Shouts to yung Buku for granting the interview and for also giving me an amazing new nickname.

And if you're looking for some fresh Buku material, grab "Follow The Beat" a new collaboration with Tropkillaz.

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