Notable production credits: Kevin Abstract's MTV1987
From: Connecticut / Austin, Texas
Twitter: @RomilMp3

On this year’s excellent MTV1987, Connecticut producer Romil plays Dot da Genius to Houston rapper Kevin Abstract’s Cudi, dousing Kev’s exacting ruminations on insecurities and self-medication in rave-ready DayGlo. The chemistry’s undeniable, and the album’s series of sprawling epics derive a fair piece of their intrigue from Romil’s production choices. “Hell/Heroina” rides a plodding Crystal Castles flip into a squelching synth meltdown; “Drugs” ping-pongs from a blown-out synth fanfare to a jazzy coda replete with Cassie homage. He can play it straight, as he does on the poppy house romp “Degas Park,” or dirty it up, knocking bleating synths around your headphones like on the dizzying “27.”

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