Notable production credits: GoldLink “Sober Thoughts” (2014), Vic Mensa “Wimme Nah” (2014), Mobb Deep “My Block” (2014)
From: Montreal

Canadian producer Kaytranada’s output pursues the commonalities between hip-hop and dance music, treating two disparate strains of beat music like acquaintances you know would get along famously if only they spent more time together. You might know him best for his swanky remixes of R&B anthems (Jill Scott’s “Golden,” TLC’s “Creep,” Missy Elliott’s “Sock It 2 Me” and scores more), which have awarded tried and true hits with an unsuspecting dance floor traction they didn’t know they needed. He’s set his sights on hip-hop dominance this year, though, and in a few short months has scored bangers for Mobb Deep (“My Block” off their underrated The Infamous Mobb Deep), Virginia rapper GoldLink (“Sober Thoughts”), and rising Chicago star Vic Mensa (“Wimme Nah”).

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