If you frequent Complex, then you should be well aware of Bauce Sauce. Along with hosting our rap writer roundtable series "No Debate," Bauce has covered a myriad of people, places, and things for the betterment of our site. Like that time he got swagged out at the Agenda Trade Show. Or that time he visited the NYC Pride Parade. Or when he made everyone feel uncomfortable at SXSW

Here's the thing: Not only is Bauce Sauce a cultural influencer and rap squat connoisseur, he's also a budding rap prodigy. Dude has been dropping joints for sometime now on his SoundCloud, and let's face it, his records rival those of your favorite rappers. 

Today, Complex premieres Bauce Sauce's first official music video "0 to 140," an ode to his social media flourish. From calling out bloggers to cashing checks, Bauce spits fiery bars over Drake's "0 to 100" beat. Which is fitting, because just like Drizzy, Bauce is liable to pop off a tweet at a moment's notice. He also raps about some really rare moments in his life, like when he experienced an emotional connection with Future way back when. You'll laugh. You'll cry. More importantly, you'll walk away from "0 to 140" understanding what Bauce Sauce did just to live this here lifestyle. Get inspired by Mr. Content Reznor

Check out the video for "0 to 140" above, which also features cameos from Ernest Baker and OG Swaggerdick​. For more of Bauce Sauce, follow him on Twitter.