The "Ice Bucket Challenge" is officially sweeping the nation. Apple CEO Tim Cook was the latest celebrity to participate in the popular viral challenge where a person dumps a bucket of freezing water and ice on their head to help raise money for ALS disease. Cook made a party of the event at the Apple headquarters earlier this week, which included a live band fronted by Michael Franti performing Vanilla Ice's "Ice, Ice Baby" while Cook drenched himself in freezing water.

The catch of the challenge is that when you finish you must call out somebody else to dump freezing water on themselves next, or else they must donate money to the ALS foundation. In Cook's case, he called out his new business partner Dr. Dre to step up to the plate and take the "Ice Bucket Challenge" next. The ball is in your court, Dre. It's worth noting, Cook, like most celebrities that have done the challenge, also donated money to the foundation for the disease.

Watch the video of Cook taking the challenge above.