Age: 18
From: Atlanta, GA
Twitter Handle: @Raury
Essential Listening: N/A

Pros: His alternative sound has the potential to push the boundaries of rap.

Cons: He only has three songs out, meaning the hype could still be a fluke.

With only three songs to his name, Raury has managed to attract quite a following. The teenage artist, born in suburban Atlanta, has little regard for the conventions of rap music. His alternative sound combines singing, rapping, and acoustic guitar which often feels like miles away from the Atlanta’s hip-hop scene.

"God’s Whisper" incorporates tribal-esque drums and an echoing chorus, giving it an inexplicable feeling of vastness, as if the whole song was recorded outside around a campfire. Even his tour defied convention. Dubbing it the “Anti-Tour,” he played impromptu, guerilla shows to crowds exiting the concerts of some of his favorite artists, including Childish Gambino and Tyler, the Creator. But he's getting a big look by opening for OutKast for their first Atlanta reunion show. Raury's debut project Indigo Child is due later this year, giving the 18-year-old the chance to deliver on a truly unique sense of promise, and perhaps expand the boundaries of rap music in the process. —Chris Mench