Age: 20
From: Boston, MA
Twitter: @MickeyChristmas
Essential listening: Is This Art?

Pros: His comedic personality all but assures crossing over into movies and TV—or at the very least, becoming an Action Bronson like cult figure. 

Cons: He needs to find his own sound. 

Michael Christmas is equal parts rapper and comedian, poking fun at the quirks and awkward realities that define everyday life. He never hesitates to pinpoint small but significant behaviors—messily gorging on a Hot Pocket, wistfully recalling Pokemon games, and taking unfulfilling showers. Rather than having that become embarrassing, it comes across as endearing.

The 20-year-old’s rise began last summer, when the video for "Daily"—a song that humorously documents a day in the life of a Boston teen—raised his profile. The February release of Is This Art?, his first official mixtape, proved the jovial rapper capable of holding down an entire project. Michael Christmas might think he’s Michael Cera, but we think the multi-talent is likely to lead his own lane. Stay tuned to your TV and radio—you might just find him all over both soon enough. —Alex Siber