Age: 18
From: Atlanta, GA
Twitter: @DayeJack_
Essential listening: Hello World

Pros: His skill set and background could lead to some very interesting things.

Cons: He'll probably never make a club hit.

There is no longer such a thing as a “typical” rapper. From Drake to RiFF RAFF to Childish Gambino, we've seen and heard it all. Still, Daye Jack is a unique case. He was born in Nigeria, grew up in Atlanta, and now he studies computer science at NYU. He's 18-years-old. He listens to James Blake and the title of his first mixtape, Hello World, was inspired by a computer program.

Being different can be a good thing, though. While ATL continues to spawn trap rappers who hop on the latest trends, Daye Jack has no trouble standing out. His ability to combine complex song structures, vocal melodies, and soulful production gives his music a weight that so many of the artists making the club bangers of the month will never achieve. Will it ever catch on in a major way? That's still to be determined, but weirder shit has happened.—Jacob Moore