Age: 27
From: San Jose, CA
Twitter: @AAANTWON
Essential listening: Heavy Hearted in Doldrums

Pros: Has some indie rap credibility, specializes in sex raps, has an eclectic range of influences.

Cons: His style is still too rough around the edges and may be inaccessible to the average listener thanks to his affinity for trill wave and cloud rap.  

Antwon has been kicking around in the underground for a while now and he’s slid mostly under the radar for casual rap fans, choosing instead to explore his passions with like-minded artists such as Kitty and Lakutis. While he’s mostly been confined to followers of the ethereal cloud rap/trillwave genre thus far, his latest album Heavy Hearted in Doldrums makes a case for his music to reach a wider audience as his sound starts to come into focus. Plus, at the very least, if gross out sex raps (a la Danny Brown's cunnilingus anthem "I Will") is your kinda thing, you're definitely in luck thanks to Antwon. —Chris Mench