The rap game is always evolving.  It seems like every day there's something else on people's radar.  New trends catch on just as old ones are fading away.  A rapper who was once at the top of the game can find themselves unceremoniously thrown to the wolves.  In short: it can be rough out there.

The one bright spot in this vicious cycle is that there's always new talent on the horizon.  Some come up after years of hard work, while others go viral in what seems like an instant.  What remains clear is that with so much young blood, the rap game is in no danger of dying out.  Complex scoured the dark depths of the Internet to pick out 25 rappers on the ascent.  We think the artists in this group have what it takes to break through the noise, and maybe even make it big in the process. While we certainly don't think all of them will end up becoming huge stars, we do think there's a place for them somewhere in hip-hop's ever expanding stratosphere. 

Watch the throne, because here are the 25 New Rappers to Watch Out For In 2014.

Written by Angel Diaz (@ADiaz456), Justin Charity (@BrotherNumpsa), Insanul Ahmed (@Incilin), Lauren Nostro (@LAURENcynthia), Edwin Ortiz (@iTunesEra), Jacob Moore (@PigsAndPlans), Chris Mench (@chris_mench), and Alex Siber (@Alex_Siber)