With Lil Wayne and Drake on the road with their "Street Fighter" inspired "Drake Vs. Lil' Wayne" tour, fans can expect to hear Weezy rock hit after hit. But not all of Wayne's songs have been worthy of praise. In fact, after peaking in 2008 with Tha Carter III, most of Wayne's musical output can be best summarized as average.

He still had a lot of great moments along the way (the glory of "Rich As Fuck," the frenetic energy of "John," the "I can rap my ass when I want to" attitude that runs through No Ceilings, and his current resurgence with songs like "Moment," "Believe Me," and "D'Usse") but a lot of forgettable ones and a few terrible ones. 

Either way, Wayne has never truly found his way back to his mid-2000s peak were he'd just black out on any beat you gave him. And his not so genius idea to tackle the rock industry in 2010 didn't help in his attempts to climb back to the top of the mountain. We take a codeine-free look at the 10 Worst Lil Wayne songs. On second thought, you might need some syrup to enjoy these tracks.

Written by brokencool (@brokencool)