Front to back, We Are Castor's forthcoming album Invade & Disco is an eclectic mix of everything that makes their sound so unique. They touch on electronic, hip-hop, rock, folk, reggae, and, of course, disco, in order to create a musical amalgam that I've honestly never seen before. Now it's going to sound like I just listed off a grab bag of power words from the iTunes genre list, but believe me when I tell you they've got a way of making it work.

The album itself plays like vinyl, which is to say, it's composed from the first track to the last with an ear for details and transitions. Most albums these days are short story books - pick a chapter, press play, and enjoy. If you didn't catch the tunes before or after, you can still enjoy the one you chose because there's no context. But when you read a real book, you start on the first chapter and finish with the last page because that's how the author intended for it to be read. Certain albums should be treated the same way and I believe that Invade & Disco is no exception.

With that said, I'm stoked to present you with the premiere of the title track today—a track that we chose to premiere because it gives you a taste of what these guys have put together on the entirety of the album. Lot's of groups these days say "don't pigeon-hole us, our music can't be defined," but as with most things, it's the people who speak the loudest who are so often the least representative with their actions.

I'll let We Are Castor's music do the talking.

You can also check out a preview of their album Invade & Disco here: