"I am a golden god!"

There's a scene in 2000 film Almost Famous wherein actor Billy Crudup (who stars as Russell Hammond, the Jimmy Page-styled lead singer of fictitious, Led Zeppelin-themed band Stillwater), while inebriated, stands atop a house at a pool party, utters the aforementioned immortal words, then proceeds to take a swan dive into the water.

If you followed the oftentimes absurd social media presence of OWSLA-signed producer Valentino Khan, you may believe him to be a golden god too, and as such, In Khan We Trust–his just-released seven-track debut OWSLA EP–is his magnum opus. With hints of Zedd and Hayley Williams feels ("A Little Longer"), a double fu manchu mustache twirl at label boss (and sometime tour partner) Skrillex's love of hip-hop party breaks in the big room (go-go legend DJ Kool of "Let Me Clear My Throat" fame on the trap-tacular "Make Some Noise" and prog house stomper "Rock It"), pulse pounding hardstyle ("Bloodsucker") and an attempt at carving his own niche in an already quite crowded progressive house lane ("Let's Get Baptized"), there's a bit of everything for the millions of everyones rushing festival and arena stages worldwide. In Khan We Trust is an homage to the crowd that made him, keeps him and pushes his star to greater heights. Valentino Khan finally arrives as a player with star power in EDM's mainstream and drops the bomb of an EP that fulfills his well-established expectation and reputation.