Tyrese is an entertaining fellow, but for reasons you're probably unaware of. True, the model-turned-singer-turned-actor, who was born and raised in Watts, Calif., has done extraordinarily well for himself. He's been nominated for Grammys, released unforgettable songs like "Sweet Lady" and "Signs of Love Making," starred in worldwide box office smashes like Transformers and Fast & Furious. And let's not forget the genius that was Baby Boy. 

But that's not the the entertainment we're getting at here. We're talking about the kind of entertainment that reminds us of how much off an oddball Tyrese is. Thanks to modern technology and social media, we get to witness the 35-year-old celebrity unintentionally put himself on blast on a regular basis. From publishing a self-help book to calling himself a lesbian, here are Tyrese's 10 Corniests Moments.

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