Now here's something big for your Friday that's been steadily making the rounds on a number of mixtapes for a couple months now. Four Color Zack and Tropkillaz, two acts we've been paying consistently close attention to, are finally unleashing their "Lightaz" collaboration and we're bringing it to you as a premiere because that's just how we at DAD like to roll. On the real though, if you've been paying fairly close to the mixtape circuit recently, you've probably caught a glimpse of this or at least seen it pop up on a tracklist from any number of your favorite DJs. The low end boom on this one is definitely something of immediate note and the way they flipped the Rihanna vocal sample is pretty much guaranteed to make a dancefloor of females collectively lose their shit. Instant DJ weaponry here that's now out for you to snag on the freebie tip. Commence extensive rinsing.

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