Why I love to see is when artists I rock with start getting more recognition. Eyes Everywhere has been on my radar for a little bit, and not only have they scored some Fool's Gold love, but Treasure Fingers let them rework his latest freebie, "Honey Dip." Taking the original's club-banging house vibe and takes things a hair slower. We still get hella "ghetto booty" vocal drops, but this one gets a snakier bassline and a more (old school) electro vibe to it. It got the official Treasure Fingers co-sign, so you know it's a banger.

This is just the tip of the iceberg for this duo; they told me they have a four-track EP forthcoming on Anabatic, which includes a remix from Wuki. Pair that with a number of tracks signed to Perfect Driver Music (which includes material on their Perfect Driver Music Compilation 2), as well as their Booty Crystals series (hey, maybe that's why they were the perfect choices for remixing "Honey Dip") and signings that are under wraps, and it feels like I made the right decision in keeping my peepers firmly placed on this crew.