As someone who has grown up with a deep love for all things hip-hop, rap, R&B, and electronic, it's been a pleasure to see today's producers really forge entirely new sonic canvases out of otherwise familiar material. Falcons has done this time and time again with his work, be it with newer jams like his collaborative remixes with Hoodboi, his take on MIA, or his entire remixes project of which he has released three volumes. His latest remix is a take on up-and-coming Candian rapper Tory Lanez and his track "R.I.D.E." Falcons takes this and mixes in jersey club and splices the vocals in a really tickling way. One second they're all over the place with the frenetic club pace, the other they're soothing you with the half-time trap stylings. Definitely get this one and slide this into your nightcap sets.

And while you're at it. peep the dates of Falcons' upcoming tour with Hoodboi down below.

Upcoming Bud2Bud Tour Dates w/ DJ Hoodboi

July 5 - Norfolk, VA @ Granby Theater
July 9 - Vancouver, Canada @ Celebrities
July 10 - Edmonton, Canada @ Encore
July 11 - Victoria, Canada @ The Gallery
July 25 - San Francisco, CA @ 1015 Folsom