A few weeks back, Starkey and Dev79 gave away "MIR Handstand" (and the brilliant Devil Mix), taken from their Street Bass Anthems, Vol. 7 compilation. This compilation is nuts, and part of that is for what Starkey himself brings to the table. Tracks like "Attack," which sounds like a regal alien ship descending onto Earth (then annihilating everything in its path), always hit me. He is so cinematic with his production, it is truly impressive. Even when this one drops into a bass lover's dream, it isn't as simple as "throw this bass in and go." He has adds a dope musicality to his organized laser chaos. Moody shit. Unavoidable.

Street Bass Anthems, Vol. 7 can be pre-ordered right now via iTunes or from Seclusiasis on a limited-edition cassette tape (which comes with a free digital download as well).