Spud Crowley is one of the those producers who came across our radar per the recommendation of MSCLS a couple months ago and we always love it when that happens organically. We show a producer love, said producer tells his buds and we get more dope music in our inboxes. We featured Spud's Katy B remix back in April, and now we share this "Trapped In A Dream" mix that he tossed us exclusively that's loaded to the brim with all original material, minus just one tune. Basically, we can tell dude has been hard at work since April finishing up all this stuff and trust me when I say it's all fly. Spud has a thick, bass heavy sound that's quite melodic and intense that protrudes through all these tracks. And while it is heavily loaded on the house and breaks side of things, his overall approach is very versatile and flows fairly effortlessly between vibes and sounds. And honestly on mixes, flexing on a ton of original content is how we at DAD truly want to get down. Turn this one up loud.


Spud Crowley - Freal
Spud Crowley - Let it Rain
Spud Crowley - Seeing Things
Spud Crowley - Wheel of Time
Diana Ross - I'm Gonna Make You Love Me (Spud Crowley remix)
Katy B - 5am (Spud's Demons Rising remix)
Spud Crowley - Something New
Spud Crowley - Loaded
Spud Crowley - Casting Pearls
Spud Crowley - 93 til
Spud Crowley - Do What Thou Wilt
Spud Crowley - ArtGod
Spud Crowley - Vampyres
The Subs - Trapped
Spud Crowley - Trap'd