Less then a month ago the UK's Snakehips unveiled their next single in "Days With You." The song featured the wonderfully soulful yet indie pop bubbliness of Sinead Harnett gliding over some disco and R&B leaning summer time goodness and from the jump, we were addicted. This week Snakehips let the world in on a new official remix from HW&W's affiliated upstart producer, Pomo. Now for his own version, the Montreal-based producer does away with the straight groove and brings his own leaned back halfstep clapping rhythm.

Pomo brings a bit of purple vibe to this and slows it down and makes this something of a night-time number; a fresh change from the original. But that's what you want from a remix, right? It's always a shame when a great tune gets packaged with mediocre and uninspired remixes that just don't change much. Pomo's remix is a distinctly different take from the original. Grab the original when it drops August 26 and keep an eye out for info on the remix drop.