Jeremih's path as an artist has been pretty amazing, when you think about it. Moving from being the crooner responsible for the charting single "Birthday Sex" to working with bass music producers isn't the move that most artists signed to major labels make, but he's been leaning in our lane for a minute, and we've certainly noticed. He gave a nod to Shlohmo's remix of "Fuck U All The Time," then worked with him on "Bo Peep (Do You Right)," a logical chain of events. What isn't logical is that Jeremih has worked with FKi, a duo known just as much for their collaborative work with Sliink and Flosstradamus as they are for their rap records, and that Shlohmo cited label issues for the delay on the release of their latest EP. It makes us curious what else Jeremih is sitting on, to be honest.

Nonetheless, today is all about celebrating, as the six-track No More EP is out today. It's a free download that you can snag via their site, and as neither Shlohmo nor Jeremih have uploaded it to their SoundCloud, grabbing it is really the only way that you can listen to it. It includes an extended version of that "Fuck U All The Time" remix, a verse from Chance The Rapper, and it truly goes off. It's also good enough that we're more than comfortable saying "go grab it" without a preview, and the two singles that dropped last year are big enough that dance music fans are going to flock to this. The icing on the cake is that Jeremih decided to launch this on his birthday.  The irony!