It's possible that this all started when Brodinski's Bromance announced launching an American "Bromance US" label with Skrillex's OWSLA in 2013. Extrapolate that into club music popping off in a major way worldwide in 2014 and Brodinski, Louisahhh!!! and the Club Cheval crew storming across the Atlantic to take over a slew of American nightclubs last month while on tour. Now, stop, add everything up, and realize there's something super funky, progressive, techno friendly and altogether quite dope coming out of France these days that is truly impressive and worthy of significant renown.

If wanting to get a flavor of what all of these elements sound like mixed together, there's no better place to find them then in Club Cheval crew affiliate and next-up with a Bromance release producer Sam Tiba. Today, the funkiest of Frenchmen released a Summer Mixtape that blends elements of rap and club, for a sound that's not so much turnt up, as it is sparse, heavy and uniquely dance-floor friendly. From Nadus and Cashmere Cat edits to rare trap anthems, and a heavy influence of club music of both the stateside and European variety, there's a bit of something for all fands of more urban underground-friendly dance music. With his latest three-track EP Samuel (check for the track "Déguisement" at the top of the mix) due on September 15, this 30-minute mix should more than hold us all over until then.