New Hemsworth is always cause for celebration. While he's not beat us over the head with a lot of production this year, he's been doing the damn thing as a curator for his Secret Songs project. Today he killed two birds with one stone (for me) with "Gods," a freebie of his that he worked on with someone I'm not really up on, UV boi. This one is so damn bright and slinky, featuring booming bass that won't let your subwoofer rest. It's one of those tunes that's both chilled and huge at the same time. Like you could probably turn down to it, but the melodies ask you to do nothing but throw bows. Huge.

EDIT For those wondering how Ryan even got down with UV, here's his quote: "Every collaboration I do lately starts with sending selfies back and forth, it's kind of weird, but I'm into it. A month ago my friend Nina Las Vegas introduced me to UV boi who's this Sudanese kid living in Brisbane. I really love Australia and I think the electronic music scene is budding so rapidly right now, and I can confidently say UV boi is going to play an important part in that. International collaborations have been so fun to me and this is one that came together quickly -- taking influence from sci-fi soundtracks and Jhalil Beats one in the same."