Just the other day we were showed your our picks for Rusko's essentials.  In that we showed you dubstep classics like "Cockney Thug," and "Jahova" alongside some of Rusko's newer, more varied cuts like his OWSLA release, "Lift Me Up" and his sparkling cuts like the Amber Coffman-featured "Hold On."  Now with his next release coming soon, the ! EP, Rusko has unveiled "Happy Chords" and left us with an itch.  An itch for more of this sort of Rusko-styled take on Rustie and Wave Racer-inspired future bass with glistening synths, and an unstoppably head-bobbing rhythm. Fans of Rusko's older style might be a little resistant to this, but if you can get past that and just appreciate it for what it is, this is pretty sweet.  I'm really enjoying these "Happy Chords"–grab this and the entire EP when it drops Tuesday.


(This Song Is Sick)