Audience participation is a crucial element of live shows, but it is something that should always be moderated by the artist. You can only get on stage when an artist asks you to do so, like this. Jumping on stage when uninvited is a security threat and is also a nuisance to both the artist and everyone else trying to watch the show. And the consequences tend to be painful.

One fan at a Rich Homie Quan concert in Racine, Wisconsin missed this memo. He tried to grab onto the rapper's arm in an attempt to pull himself stage, which is even more dangerous because Quan could have fallen off the stage. Enraged, the Atlanta native smacked the fan across the face. While violence is never the answer, it is hard to sympathize with the fan and his inappropriate behavior.

A closer angle of the incident is available below. This morning, Quan got on Twitter to talk about what happened. "I slapped that nigga by myself," he said. "Ain't never been a fuck nigga." Haters, take notes.

[via TMZ]

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