Date: April 1, 2012

After making some of the best hip-hop music of the '90s, Prodigy and Havoc's relationship took a turn for the worst in April 2012 when Havoc spewed a slew of negative tweets at Prodigy. After calling Prodigy a "bitch" and a "faggott,[sic]" the storied producer challenged his partner to a physical fight. The following day, Havoc issued a statement through Rap Radar, claiming that he left his phone at a gas station and denied authoring the hateful tweets, which had since been deleted. However, screenshots of his tweets told a different story, as they were sourced from the web rather than a cell phone. Prodigy, for his part, stood clear of any inflammatory stance, issuing the following tweet April 9th:

But later that year, The Breakfast Club debuted audio of Havoc calling out Prodigy in a voice recording. Surrounded by new controversy, Hav yet again claimed his phone was stolen.

In a 2013 interview with MTV News, the duo appeared on-camera together to explain the beef. Havoc admitted to published the negative tweets, apologized for his actions, and acknowleged his mistakes. Since then, the two have put the beef behind them and went on to release another album, The Infamous Mobb Deep, earlier this year.