Spinnin Records has no doubt got their system going. They've clearly cornered the house market and dominate it at nearly every level and style. Now, we might not agree with all of their marketing and PR tactics nor their "jokes," but we can't sit here and deny that they are responsible for some dope ass music. Oliver Heldens has been one of the names they've been throwing their weight around to deliver said dope ass music and his latest is no exception.  With a style that touches on a Tchami-like-but-still-different take on "future house," Heldens mixes a modern main stage electro aggressiveness with disco and classic house melodies and a techier take on big room.  The result makes for a heck of thumping standalone track sure to fill your peaktime crates.  That said, this track is also ripe for some powerful diva vocals and given Heldens' last track "Gecko (Overdrive)" and its success with a vocal mix, I'm sure it won't be long before this gets that treatment, too.

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