Meek Mill will not be released from jail until at least September, according to Meek's legal team requested an immediate hearing over the weekend, but the request was ultimately denied by the judge. Meek was sentenced to three to six months in jail on July 11 for a probation violation.

"All I'm asking for is a hearing to learn why [his jailing] is constitutional and they won't even give me that," said Christopher Warren, one of Meek's attorneys on the case.

The judge not only denied the request for an immediate hearing, but ruled that no such hearing will take place before September. Meek's legal team will now try and go around the judge and seek a new hearing with a higher court, according to the report.

Meek's new album, Dreams Worth More Than Money, is scheduled to be released on September 9, but that date now seems to be up in the air due to Meek's legal issues. Stay tuned for more details from this story when they emerge.


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