We’re hitting the heat of summer in full force all over North America, and that means we need new jams. There’s plenty of big room EDM out there to soundtrack your turnups but for those on a mission for something different, Lost Midas could be your dude. Boston-born, LA-living Jason Trikakis has been cooking his own style of electronic driven beats for a minute.  He calls the über-respected Tru Thoughts home, as have the likes of Quantic and Bonobo, and he's back with a new album dropping at the end of this month entitled Off The Course.

Off The Course follows up two EPs and a single, "Love Undone," that showcased the producer's evolving beat style with warmth and delicate dexterity.  Today, we’ve got the premiere of Off The Course's first track, “Sunset Strut.” With a driving and pulsating rhythm at the core of this, “Sunset Strut” mixes electrosoul and downtempo beat-funk to make one heck of a first track.   Though it's not as delightfully pleasant as his previous works, it's got it's own beautiful intensity to make a certain kind of rhythmic poetry fit for any solo strut.  Perhaps it's a strut on the boulevard or a solo drive through a desert to clear your head, but Lost Midas's music flowing with emotion and artistic integrity that you can't help but notice. Check out the trailer up top, and the album's tracklist down below.

Pre-order Off The Course here


1. Sunset Strut
2. Head Games feat Audris
3. Pixy Dust
4. Love Undone feat Taylor O'Donnell
5. Transformations
6. Dream of Me
7. It Is
8. Bit Brain
9. Tick Tock Tick (feat NüTrik)
10. Westerly Terrace
11. Off The Course
12. Here We Go Again
13. Route 74
14. Archetype Forgotton