Is Lil B the new Saul Williams? Is Lil B the Bizarro Rakim? Is Lil B Rap Game Nelson Mandela? Listen to this new Lil B song, "No Black Person Is Ugly," which is 300 times more poignant than even its immediately uplifting title. The official music video, released today, features strangers and sunshine.

"No Black Person Is Ugly" is a #rare instance in which Lil B attempts a relatively traditional flow, and succeeds. The song's pensive guitar pluck sets the mood for summertime introspection, as Lil B considers the role fashion magazines and the police play in black American life. "Black people not showed in the media," he laments. "I was told, if you got an afro, or you got a big nose; that your lips are too big; you're talking low. My people understand, so why you don't know?" From start to fade, the song alternates between Lil B's black power declarations and his appeals for global solidarity against racism, rape, and all such violence. The self-evident hook is a sort of self-esteem mantra: "No black person is ugly: don't say it one time."

Clearly, Lil B is taking his rap god status a notch or two more seriously than we're used to hearing.

Is Lil B in 2014 the new Wyclef Jean in 1999? Is "No Black Person Is Ugly" the song of the summer???