At this point, it would be really wise to consider Norway's capital city of Oslo as a suburb of Newark, New Jersey. We've already heard DJ Sliink's brilliant, yet-to-be released edit of Norwegian-born underground pop producer of the moment Lido's remix of Disclosure's "Latch." Now, let's consider fellow Brick Bandit affiliate R3ll's official remix of Lido's "Money," from the soon to be Pelican Fly-released remix EP for Lido's breakout 2014 release I Love You. While we're at it, let's also figure out exactly where Oslo is off of Interstate 95. Chopped vocals, frenetic major key synths, and a bassline that occasionally drops in like a Brinks safe accidentally free-falling down a steep incline of stairs color this fantastic effort. These days it would seem as goes Lido, there goes Pelican Fly. As goes Pelican Fly, there go the Brick Bandits, too. A marriage made in dance club heaven, this is a rare form of triangle trade wherein everyone is absolutely victorious.