Kanye West performed for the second night in a row at the Wireless Festival in London. Tonight, he was filling in for scheduled headliner Drake, who canceled last minute due to illness. Kanye made sure the crowd remembered Drizzy by playing "Trophies," "We Made It," and "All Me" during his set. "My homeboy Drake can't be here but we still gotta rep for him tonight," he said. This is yet another example of the burgeoning friendship between the two rap heavyweights, which really developed in earnest when Kanye made a surprise appearance at last year's OVO Fest. In return, Drake thanked Kanye on Instagram. He wrote:

"Man I appreciate Kanye playing Trophies at Wireless so much. I want to be at all the shows more than anything in the world right now. I just keep watching the video over and over. Slow motion for me right now but I promise all the fans an incredible experience as soon as I am back. I am so sorry once again I love you all dearly. Thank you Ye for giving me that joy tonight."

The Drake tribute was a brief intermission within Kanye's regular set. Just like last night, Kanye ranted again, and received a mixed reaction from the audience. This rant was slightly shorter and somewhat different, however. He started by describing himself as "a mix between shy, lazy, and a little bit arrogant." Kanye later compared himself to both a porcupine and a blow-fish, as he went in about his mistreatment at the hands of paparazzi. "And the photos they always take is like when that blow-fish has blown up, or when that porcupine is defending itself," he said.

He talked about the L.A.X. confrontation that led to his arrest last summer in great detail, explaining that it happened shortly after he had lost his grandfather. And he reminded the audience that his daughter, North West, had not asked for the celebrity status which made her paparazzi fodder. While some fans were upset by the rant and left, most stayed and watched Kanye resume his set, playing hits such as "Good Life" and "Bound 2." 

Tomorrow, Kanye will be closing out the Wireless Festival in Birmingham. What he'll say is anyone's guess.

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