Now I know it's been over a year since we were blessed with Kanye West's Yeezus and we've certainly had a grip of amazing remixes born out of that, but you're definitely tired of the bad ones, too.  So tired of the anemic ones that the sight one might just be enough to send you over the edge and renounce your love of remixes and Yeezy all together!  Fear not, this new remix from The Rooftop Boys is actually dope.  Taking the LP's final cut, "Bound 2," The Rooftop Boys twist and turn this out into a summer ready bouncy house jam.  Not bouncy like Melbourne, but the kind of bopping you might have in a wave pool as you lay out on with floaties and a cold one in a coozie.  The Rooftop Boys bring some dope vocal chopping and melodic reworkings to this and provide you with a fresh interpretation of an already instaclassic Yeezy jam.  Grab this freebie.