House music might have been born in Chicago and it’s definitely now a global phenomenon, but there are simply some locales that put out a proportionately higher quantity of quality. Sweden is one of those spots. Though they’ve historically been more known for their sugary sweet take on pop-infused progressive house a la the likes of Avicii, Alesso, and bits of Eric Prydz, that’s definitely only the “typical.”

Jonas Rathsman is one Swede bringing a different house flavor. Through his fourth single for French Express, the bearded producer/DJ brings his signature chugging funk and uplifting if not almost baleric blended style with “Skepparkrans.” Now in typical Swede fashion, though, Rathsman’s “Skepparkrans” retains some of that classic feel good vibe a la 90’s house - a fore bearer to aforementioned sugary sweet Swedish house. Whatever you might say about this though, there’s no doubt that this is quality house and quality from Jonas Rathsman.